The Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the great legends of the supercar world. Few other pedigree sports cars offered the same blend of everyday usability and extraordinary speed.

The first of the watercooled 911s, the 996 has become the bargain of the 911 family on the used car market, and the Turbo model has depreciated to a point where it offers a serious performance car for reasonable money.

If you have been lucky enough to land yourself one of these legendary turbocharged sportscars, Turbosmart has a range of simple bolt-on performance upgrades that can help take your 911 Turbo experience to the next level.

Even Stuttgart’s best is built with compromises in boost control. Turbosmart’s precision-engineered bypass valves, blow-off valves and internal wastegate actuators offer improved turbo response and reliable performance for both stock and tuned 911 Turbos.

Turbosmart Upgraded Bypass/Blow-Off Valves

Even in unmodified vehicles, the 911s standard turbo bypass valve and wastegate actuator leave room for improvement. The 911’s bypass valves are responsible for preventing the turbo from experiencing compressor surge, by relieving pressure within the intercooler piping that builds up when the throttle is suddenly closed. However, the standard bypass valves are constructed of plastic, struggle to hold boost and degrade over time, causing boost leaks. In tuned vehicles running increased boost levels, the problems with the standard valves become even more apparent.

Turbosmart offers direct replacement billet-constructed Kompact bypass/blow-off valves. These are available in both OEM-style Plumb Back style, in which the vented air is recirculated back into the vehicle’s intake, and a high performance Dual Port variant, which provides a head-turning vent-to-atmosphere blow-off valve sound. Turbosmart’s Kompact valves are capable of holding extreme boost levels, and keep the Porsche’s turbochargers safe from compressor surge.

Application: 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbo

Part Numbers

TS-0203-1022 : Kompact Dual Port 25mm
MAP: $175.27US

TS-0203-1222 : Kompact Plumb Back 25mm
MAP: $129.14US


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