Toyota Tacoma in for 3'' Lift, 1-piece Driveshaft Conversion

This first generation Tacoma came in with a horrible drive-train vibration after the customer installed a front leveling kit and rear blocks.

What caused the front vibration were worn out axles. At the same time we installed an East Coast Gear front(left) bearing to bushing sleeve upgrade.


One Sintered PTFE Bushing, metal backed, bronze inlaid, PTFE coated CV axle bushing for Toyota 8″ front clamshell differential. Fits all 05 to current year model Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, and 03 up 4runner DOES NOT FIT AWD 4RUNNER AND FJ CRUISER. Replaces Driver side CV axle needle bearing with bushing to help control Vibration and shaft float common on these differentials. Replaces Needle Bearing Part # 90364-35010 and 90364-35008. This is for the drivers side ONLY, the passenger side uses a ball bearing. This is for the bushing ONLY, the removal tool is also an option to allow one to easily remove the stock needle Bearing.


We also added a Toytec differential drop kit to correct the angles on the front axles.


Another common issue that will create a rear drive-line vibration is the rear 2-piece driveshaft. Our fix is to add a 1-piece custom driveshaft.


The rear overload was initially installed upside down pre-loading the rear leaf packs so we disassembled them to correct the issue and added rear pinion angle shims to dial in the pinion angles.


Since the lift was just installed we had to do the wheel alignment. We inspected the steering and found the rack bushings to be quite sloppy/worn.

We stock Total Chaos rack bushings(3-piece kit) and once installed the rack is held firm for more direct steering feel.


If you are having issues with your Tacoma or want suspension upgrades, contact us since we have many parts in stock.







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