New Part from Mishimoto for Your Ford Focus ST!!

It’s time to cool off your hot-hatch with the Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit for the 2013+ Ford Focus ST. Ford released their 2.0T EcoBoost-powered Focus boasting the perfect combination of performance and practicality, however, the intercooling system left something to be desired.

While the piping did feature sections of aluminum, the restrictive diameter and turbo muffler put a damper on the Focus ST’s performance potential. Mishimoto has replaced the hot-side pipe with mandrel-bent aluminum, both ditching the muffler and opening up the diameter to allow a 26% better flow through the hot-side. All of the degradation-prone rubber has also been swapped for wire-reinforced silicone, ensuring a long-lasting connection on the hot-side and a smoother flow through the cold-side pipe. Together the Focus ST Intercooler Pipe Kit grants a 21% increase in flow to and from the intercooler.

The piping isn’t the only part of this kit that increases flow. The bar-and-plate construction opens air channels within the core, allowing for the charged air to pass through more freely than the stock intercooler core. This upgraded all-aluminum construction aids in heat dissipation, warding off the dreaded heat-soak under demanding driving conditions, and delivering properly cooled air through the ST’s intake manifold. The Focus ST Performance Intercooler Kit will also add 8 HP and 10 TQ to your power band and has a maximum horsepower rating of 550HP.

The Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit for your 2013+ is available in silver, black, or gold, with an option of wrinkle black or polished piping. As always, this intercooler kit is covered under the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


  • Direct fit for the 2013+ Ford Focus ST
  • 4.3-inch thick intercooler design optimized for maximum flow
  • 8 hp/ 10 tq gains when combined with other Mishimoto Focus ST parts
  • Optimal core design for maximum cooling efficiency with minimal pressure drop
  • Increases core size by 128% and fin surface area by 32%
  • 10% increase in volume and 40% increase in flow over stock cold-side pipe
  • 14% increase in volume and 26% greater flow than stock hot-side pipe
  • Cold-side pipe has elliptical shape to accommodate for larger Mishimoto radiator
  • Provision for both US and Euro MAP sensor
  • No modification to front bumper and retains stock fog lights
  • Intercooler available in Sleek Silver, Stealth Black, and Bold Gold
  • Pipes available in polished or wrinkle black powder-coating
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Application: 2013+ Ford Focus ST

Part Numbers

MMINT-FOST-13KBBK : Black Intercooler w/ black pipes

MMINT-FOST-13KBGD : Gold Intercooler w/ black pipes

MMINT-FOST-13KBSL : Silver Intercooler w/ black pipes

MMINT-FOST-13KPBK : Black Intercooler w/ polished pipes

MMINT-FOST-13KPGD : Gold Intercooler w/ polished pipes

MMINT-FOST-13KPSL : Silver Intercooler w/ polished pipes


MAP: $1095Can


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