This Jeep will be used as a chase vehicle for this years running of the Baja 1000. Eric Reisen’s team is based out of Vancouver, BC and contend in the Class 5 category. This vehicle will also be prepped with roof racks, rear tire rack and bumpers.

More team info HERE


Good Luck guys!!


The Jeep WH/WK Grand Cherokee is a medium sized passenger wagon with a good blend of off road capability and comfort. With a comfort orientated suspension setup from the factory our OME engineers focussed on increasing control and handling, particularly with extra loads on board, as well as providing increases in ride height. A range of springs and shocks were developed to cater for differing vehicle setups whilst achieving ride height increases of approximately 50mm without the need for costly modification. Extensive shock and strut tuning was undertaken to optimise comfort, control and handling.

Components in this kit include:

Estimated Lift:


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