GMC Sierra in for a TRUXXX Level off Kit, FOX Shocks, Cognito Arms and ......

The customer who owns this K2500 wanted a mild lift to clear over sized tires and also add better shocks. Our go-to shocks are either FOX or Bilstein. In this case FOX 2.0 were installed along with a TRUXXX Leveling Kit, Cognito Upper Control Arms and Steering Repair followed up with an alignment.


TRUXXX Leveling Kits


Our first line of attack is too add a TRUXXX Level off kit. This kit includes new torsion keys, shock extensions and rear leaf blocks. We also added a set of FOX 2.0 shocks to compliment the ride.

TRUXXX Level- off kits HERE


Cognito Upper Control Arms


Cognito Upper Arms are boxed arms that are purposely built to help achieve OE alignment specs on extended travel suspensions. The added strength is great for off-road and with the bolt in ball-joint are easily adaptable to different suspension upgrades.


FOX 2.0 Shocks


Since we added a leveling kit we need longer shocks so this is where the extended length FOX 2.0 are installed

FOX smooth body shocks are available in a broad range of sizes and that are all specifically valved for your application. FOX has the perfect shock for your project with multiple mounting options to choose from. Our smooth body shocks provide years of unparalleled performance at a competitive price.



  • Smooth-bore, clear coated, zinc plated, honed seamless alloy bodies


  • Black anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum


  • 5/8″ hard chrome plated heat treated alloy steel
  • 7/8″ hard chrome plated stainless steel 17-4 H900


  • Race-developed high-flow piston design


  • Proprietary deburred valve shims


  • Redundant sealing pack system main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal
  • Optional high temperature Viton seals


  • Specially formulated for ultimate performance at variable temperatures


  • Emulsion


  • Lined, heat-treated, alloy steel spherical bearings
  • 1/2″ bolt x 1 1/4″ wide
  • Optional spacer x 1 1/2″ wide


Dales Auto Service/Dales Motorsport has many FOX part # in stock.


Inquire at or all 604-530-9160


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