Facility Tour: Interstate Motorsport


Most automotive enthusiasts grew up playing with their favorite miniature die-cast toy replicas of the era’s unaffordable exotic supercars. The actual vehicles envelop the cutting-edge technology of their timeline of production, with body designs that bulge at the seams and push the limits of conventional thinking. Not only do they create a lust for finer things within the youngster’s mind, they also provide motivation to earn the wealth required to own such stunning examples of automotive art later in life. But where do these vehicles go when they need new ownership and are viewed as outdated instead of revolutionary? Enter Interstate Motorsport, a pre-owned exotic car dealer located in Pennington, New Jersey.

The unassuming exterior of the building hardly hints at what lies behind the glass entrance doors. Once you navigate the stairs, the exit unloads into the lounge and office area, which is reserved for finalizing the high-dollar deals. Additionally, this room directs guests to the second-level viewpoint of what a typical normal car dealership would call the main lot.

The hardwood floors are a product of the building’s previous life as a racquetball and fitness center. The owner of Interstate Motorsport, Steven Waldie, saw the opportunity to restore the location to its current condition and fill it with exotic automobiles. If it were a toy store, it would witness countless hysterical children, pleading to take home their favorite one. Even as an adult, it evokes the same emotion.

Lengthy Lamborghini automobiles populate every row of the room. Interstate even houses two examples of the exotic manufacturer’s limited production SUV from late in the 80s decade. A clear bias towards the Lamborghini make is evident throughout the vehicle’s overwhelming presence in the building. This affection was brought about when the owner was a child staring at the posters on his bedroom wall. “The Countach picture started it all for me – that was my era”, says Waldie.


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