Engine Upgrades at Dales Motorsport

The number one tuning trend has always been car engine upgrades, to boost more power by helping to unleash otherwise wasted BHP potential. This area is arguable one of the most addictive and expensive regions to get involved with and there are always new parts and components available for performance car models, increasing the temptation to buy more.

Careful consideration needs to be taken into consideration to make sure that difference upgrades compliment each other and it might be useful to do research on your given race restriction or what other people have done to similar engines to reap maximum rewards. While we will not be covering engine swaps here for individual makes and models, we want to cover the basic components to give you a overall idea of what car engine upgrades are available.

Most tuning companies will break down a combination of different upgrade components into a upgrade path, consisting of given parts for a rated performance gain. It is important to have a idea of what the overall aim of the upgrade path is, as some components will affect higher up in the rev range in terms of maximum horsepower, but could effect low down torque figures. Engines tend to have power and torque characteristics imprinted into them when they are designed and built, and while we can improve these to a certain degree, there are still limitations with technologies, materials and budgets.

There are many engine upgrades to suit your driving style.


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