DeatschWerks announced the release of their new high flow in-line fuel filters. They have taken an innovative approach in their development to accommodate the corrosive nature of today’s modern fuels. The increasing popularity of ethanol-based fuels such as e10 and e85 has created well-documented challenges in fuel system maintenance. The new DW fuel filters feature an industry first dual-stage magneto-mechanical filter element. This provides an extra layer of protection by trapping corrosive contaminants with a neodymium magnet prior to mechanical filtration.

By incorporating pleated, high surface area, stainless steel filtering material, the new DW fuel filters work equally well in non-ethanol based fuels. The stainless steel filters are compatible with a wide range of fuels including pump gas, race gas, MTBE, ethanol, methanol, and diesel. Superior life span, maximum fuel compatibility, and high temperature tolerance give DW stainless filter elements a distinct advantage over competitors’ glass and paper filter elements.

Filter Housing Features

• 2” diameter for easy in-line mounting
• 3 lengths for varying flow requirements (70, 110, and 160mm)
• Anodized T6061 aluminum construction
• -8 AN ORB inlet and outlet

Filter Element Features

• Dual stage magneto-mechanical filtration
• 35mm neodymium magnet
• Pleated, high surface area stainless steel filter material
• Fully serviceable and reusable
• Available in 10-micron and 100-micron
• Documented pressure drop vs flow on all elements


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