Dales Auto Service is the REDHEAD Steering Gear Canadian Distributor


About Redhead Steering Gears

“We are a family owned and operated re-manufacturer of automotive steering gears. We have been rebuilding steering gears in the Seattle area since 1981. Our specialized re-manufacturing process produces a proven superior quality rebuilt product. Our rebuild work carries a full 12 month/unlimited mileage warranty. We maintain an inventory of 300-400 steering gears for vehicles such as: Domestic cars, Vans, Pick-ups and 4X4s, Medium Duty Trucks, Import Pick-ups, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s)

If you’re rebuilding your classic dream car or your truck is wandering all over the road, it may be time to replace the steering gear. RedHead Steering Gears can rebuild your steering gear or provide a remanufactured replacement within days, getting you back on the road fast. Our family owned and operated businesses has proudly provided remanufactured steering gears and custom rebuilt steering gears that are better than new since 1981. Call us today for all your steering gear needs!

We specialize in custom steering gear rebuilds for trucks, such as Quick Ratio Steering Gear Boxes for pick-ups and sport utility vehicles.”


Our re-manufacturing process:

  • Machining out the housings and installing needle bearings
  • Flame-spraying or replacing the shafts as needed Installing new control valves on some applications
  • Custom fitting each worm & piston assembly with special ordered, precise over-sized ball bearings.

Other things we do to produce a top quality product include: 

  • Install every sector shaft on a lathe to check for straight and true
  • polish the sealing surface to a higher polish than new.


REDHEAD Steering Gear

Dales Auto Service has exclusively and successfully used REDHEAD Steering Gears and our customers have been very happy with the results.

Mikal Anderson “I have all these parts from you folks in my truck, drives better than it did off the factory floor even with a lift and large tires….great upgrades.”

Gilles Hampton “After installation of the REDHEAD steering box my truck steers better than new. Thank-you Dales for the recommendation!!”



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(prices on our site are not always current since the exchange rate fluctuates, please contact us to confirm pricing)


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