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AutoMeter Products announced a new line of gauges designed in collaboration with Hoonigan Industries, a motorsports lifestyle brand known for flat-out driving styles and the destruction of tires. The collaboration started with Head Hoonigan in Charge, Ken Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR, made famous by the last installment of his viral video series, Gymkhana SEVEN. A set of bespoke gauges was created for the project, and they are now available to consumers. The AutoMeter x Hoonigan product offering includes standard 2” gauges, 3-3/8” speedometer and tachometer, as well as a 5” in-dash speedometer.

Part Numbers / Jobber

4303-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 30 PSI Mechanical Vacuum/Boost Gauge
Jobber: $97.52US
4316-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 24 Ohm Empty 33 Ohm Full Electronic Fuel Level Gauge
Jobber: $72.86US
4327-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 100psi Full Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge
Jobber: $108.47US
4337-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 100º-200ºF Full Electronic Water Temp Gauge
Jobber: $82.21US
4347-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 100º-250ºF Full Electronic Oil Temp Gauge
Jobber: $81.47US
4391-09000 : Hoonigan 52mm 18 Volt Full Electronic Voltage Gauge
Jobber: $71.65US
4488-09000 : Hoonigan 87mm 160 MPH Full Electronic Program w/ LCD ODO Speedometer Gauge
Jobber: $336.41US
4498-09000 : Hoonigan 5in 10K RPM Full Electronic Tachometer Gauge
Jobber: $279.58US


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