The GT Platinum Gas is four products in one remarkable unit: a performance tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT Platinum Gas delivers dyno proven tune files that will increase horsepower and torque. The GT Platinum Gas allows you to monitor scores of parameters and comes complete with a mount for the dashboard. The GT Platinum stores up to 10 custom tune files created by your local Bully Dog/SCT tuning dealer.
*Custom tuning not available for all vehicles
Features & Benefits
Accessory Delay: Control how long accessory items will remain on after the engine has been turned off and the doors remain closed. Accessory items include the radio, cigarette lighter, etc.
Auto Door Lock: Enable the vehicle to automatically lock all the doors any time it reaches a speed of 15 mph. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, if the driver’s door is the first to open, then all other doors will automatically unlock.
Auto Lock/Unlock on Shift: Lock/Unlock the doors when the lever is shifted from P range to a range other than P.
Axle Lockers (2WD and 4WD-Hi): Easily engage the wheel lockers for offroad traction.
Daytime Running Light: Disable or enable daytime running lights.
Disable Traction Control: Disable the traction control and unlike the [DTC] button on the dash, the traction control will stay off until the setting on the GT is changed even if the vehicle is turned off.
Engine Fan: Enable or disable† the engine fan regardless of coolant temperature. (This feature does not take effect until the GT returns to the Main Gauge Screen.) † The coolant temperature light will not indicate if the vehicle begins to overheat when the fan is disabled.
Fog Light/High Beam: Run the fog lights and the high beams at the same time.
Idle Learn Reset: Resets the Idle RPM to factory setting.
Passive Mode: This will set the Theft Deterrent System in 30 seconds after the Driver door is closed and the Key is removed from the Ignition Key Cylinder.
Power Windows: This makes the driver window (and all windows, depending on vehicle grade) and sunroof close if the driver window control is held closed. If the driver door window control is held open, the driver’s door window (and all the windows, depending on vehicle grade) and the sunroof will open.
Pyro: A pyrometer (pyro) measures exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs); which can be used for defuel and warning level settings to help protect the engine from heat damage.
Relearn Vehicle Data: Manually place the vehicle computer into learn mode.
Reset Engine/Transmission Oil Life: Resets to 100% the integrity of the respective oil life monitor.
Seat Belt Chime: Turn off the seat belt reminder chime.
Smart Unlock Configuration: Change the way your vehicle unlocks when using a remote. Unlock only the driver door with the first button press and unlock the passenger doors by pressing the button again, or unlock all the doors at once.
Sway Bar Disconnect (2WD and 4WD-Hi): Disconnect the front sway bar for better off-road stability.
TPMS: Change or disable the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Transmission Adaptive Learning: Hold, resume and reset transmission adaptive learning (TAL), which changes the way the automatic transmission in the vehicle shifts based on driving habits. To pause or stop the TAL process, choose hold. To continue a paused TAL process, choose resume. To restart and relearn driving habits, choose reset.
Zero Point Calibration: This function is used to calibrate the Yaw Rate Sensor.
And Much More!
*Features vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles
Adjustable Options
Active Fuel Management – Used to enable or disable the AFM V8 <> V4 functionality. This will only function if the engine is mechanically equipped to shut off cylinders.
Adjust Timing – Adjust the timing of your engine from +4 to -8 to increase power or fuel economy according to your vehicle’s specifications.
Axle Ratio – Correct the vehicle speedometer (and fuel efficiency calculations) if you have changed the gear ratio on you vehicle.
Boost Control – Used to enable or disable the use of a specialized data table for turbo/supercharged engines.
Brake Torque Management – This will disable the BTM from functioning when the traction control system is switched off.
Coolant Temperature – Current coolant temps; this info is used for warning level and safety defueling.
Fuel Dynamic Compensation – Used to enable or disable FDC algorithms.
Idle Adjust – Enable and select a value for Engine Idle position.
Multiple Displacement System – Enabling MDS initiates a fuel saving 4-cyl engine mode and disables additional engine cylinders.
Rev Limiter – Regulate the highest RPM that an engine can reach before it is electronically limited.
Speed Limiter – Change the top speed the car will reach before the engine automatically limits the power needed to go faster.
Throttle Sensitivity – Adjust the throttle sensitivity for stock, fuel saver, performance and extreme modes.
Tire Size – Correct the speedometer if you have changed your tire size from stock.
Transmission Shift Firmness – Change the shift firmness of an automatic transmission.
Transmission Shift Points – Change the RPMs at which an automatic transmission will change gears.
Wide Open Throttle Disable – Remove the throttle position governor and use up to 100% of your vehicle throttle before you reach 40 mph.
*Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles.
Part Number: 40417
MAP: $429.00US – contact us for Canadian pricing 604-530-9160 or sales@dalesmotorsport.com
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