Customer was complaining of suspension clunks and severe noise when driving over irregularities in road. The car was equipped with aftermarket suspension components which had poly bushings.

The noise clunking noise was caused by the sway bar bushings being over sized and the rear lower trailing arm bushings being worn out. Lack of “lubrication” of the bushings is what caused the wear. When they are not serviced and become “dry” the sway bar and sleeves will grind away the bushing to the point of becoming over-sized.

The kit installed was out of production so finding proper bushings could be tiresome so the customer decided to replace everything and start fresh.

After the installation was finished Jeff B. dialed in the wheel alignment.


The rear lower trailing arms are from BBK and the sway bars are Eibach Suspension pieces.


Dales Motorsport is a vendor for BBK and Eibach Suspension


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